Assist the Officer Houston
1600 State Street
Houston, Texas 77007
O: 713-223-4ATO
F: 832-200-3470

About Assist the Officer

Assist The Officer is a non-profit organization providing short-term, immediate need financial assistance for officers critically injured or disabled in the line of duty. Assist The Officer symbolizes the appreciation for every officer’s dedicated service and commitment to the safety of citizens.

Founded in 1993, Assist the Officer is dedicated to assisting law enforcement officers in the Greater Houston area (those in Harris, Ft. Bend, Brazoria, Galveston, and Montgomery counties).  We raise funds through corporate contributions and sponsorships, public donations through our membership program, Bequeathing, and through fund raising efforts.

Assist the Officer is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under provisions of the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) 3 and your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Assist the Officer Board of Directors

The Assist the Officer Board of Directors is charged with the governance of the organization, making sure that it abides by ethical and legal standards in making its vision a reality.

Krystal Blankinship-Lareau
Executive Assistant

Renee Cravens, Chairman
HR Manager with RES Energy Solutions

Michael Mitchell
Co-Founder of Assist the Officer, Executive Director of Texas Police Trust and retired officer.

F. Joe Pyland
28-year veteran as Police Officer of the Houston Police Department. He also serves as a member of the Houston Police Officer's Union, director of the Blue Santa programs, and is co-founder of the Gunners Football team.

John Walsh
24-year veteran of the Houston Police Department.  He also serves as member of the Houston Police Officer's Union.

Joslyn Johnson
14-year veteran of the Houston Police Department.  

Rory Lakind
15-year veteran as Lieutenant of the Houston Police Department.  

Robert Sandoval
12-year veteran as Sergeant of the Houston Police Department.

Fulton Broemer
Principal in the law firm of Broemer & Associates

Drew Doebbler
Senior Vice President OmniBank, N.A.  

Chris Burns
AIG Retirement Rep.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board does not have any legal, formal responsibilities. Rather, the Advisory Board is convened by ATO to give advice and support.

Eric Eckel, CPP
Chevron-Phillips Chemical Company LLP

Michael Berry
NewsRadio 740 KTRH / The 9-5-0 KPRC / The Sports Animal 790 KBME AM Operations Manager

Adrian Garcia
Harris County Sheriff

Alex Zaldivar
AT&T GEM Account Manager

Tony Lapaglia
Apache Corp Manager, Security of North America

Jerry Lowry
Greenspoint District VP

Ziggy Gruber
Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli co-owner

Assistant Chief Brian Lumpkin
Houston Police Dept Assistant Chief

Eric Eckel, CPP
Senior Manager
KBR Corporate Security

Robert G. Molina, Jr.
Global Security Manager
LyondellBasell Industries

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Ad Hoc Conflicts Committee considers each request to assure that the request does not result in an award of benefits which would create a conflict of interest (such as an award to a relative of a Director).  The Committee considers each claim based on personal knowledge, professional enrollment records, and eligibility information required from all applicants.  The Committee also delegates each claim for review by an individual with detailed information on the Board’s and Organization’s members.

Privacy Policy

Each application for benefits, and all information submitted therewith, is legally privileged and confidential information which is gathered and maintained only for the consideration of the application in question.  The information submitted with each application is kept confidential and any use, dissemination, distribution or reproduction of such information is strictly prohibited.  No part of the application process should be considered a guaranty of benefits.  Each application must be considered and adjudicated on its own merits.