About Assist the Officer, Houston

Assist The Officer is a non-profit organization providing short-term, immediate need financial assistance for officers critically injured or disabled in the line of duty. Assist The Officer symbolizes the appreciation for every officer’s dedicated service and commitment to the safety of citizens.


Perales Benefit

The youngest son of Sgt. Kim Perales and Sgt. Mike Perales is in need of our support. Nakoa, who is just 5 years old, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. The family is now faced with a long-term treatment plan. Please join us at this benefit to support the child of our brother and sister in blue and raise the awareness of pediatric cancer.

2019 Street Survival

Science is the backbone of this two-day event focusing on what impacts the profession, the mission and the officers: Stressors. We examine two types of stress that impacts on duty human performance as well as off-duty behavior and attitudes: Sudden Onset Acute Stress & Cumulative/Chronic Stress. We examine the research that reveals The Fatal Four leading causes of officer deaths and fatalities both on and off duty. – qualifies for TCOLE credit.  REGISTER ONLINE at

Officer Ruby Roman

Officer Ruby Roman, a 13 year veteran of the Houston Police Department was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic lung cancer after going to the doctor for a persistent cough. The CT identified a large lung mass, later confirmed to be non-small cell cancer. Her follow up studies identified metastasis to her spine, hips, and lymph nodes. She was sent home and told to enjoy her family for the next six to 12 months. Being the amazing mom of 2 boys (4 and 8 years) she chose to fight this horrible disease, and has elected to begin chemotherapy with aggressive radiation. She is not going to accept that 12 month diagnosis. She is a true blue fighter!  Please, help support Ruby and her family during their time of need.

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